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The Migraine Miracle Moment

Aug 31, 2020

Do migraines cause brain damage? Find out in this episode.

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Slay the...

Aug 22, 2020

We have two exciting pieces of news to share with you in this episode. 

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Slay the...

Aug 10, 2020

This episode is the second of a ten-part series where we explore the most common mistakes people make when implementing the Migraine Miracle Plan. If you missed the first one, you may want to go back and listen to it first. 

Today we discuss Mistake #2

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  1. Migraine Miracle Resources page:

Aug 1, 2020

As part of our podcast feature "Ask Dr. T" we will be exploring questions asked by Migrai-Neverland members in our clinic chat. Transcripts of these chats (The Chatter) are all found in the Migrai-Neverland archives. 

This week we shared a Q&A from one of our many discussions about weaning off Preventative medications....