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The Migraine Miracle Moment

Jan 29, 2019

I received the following comment on a Facebook post recently: "If this is real, why doesn't my neurologist suggest it to me?"

The comment was in reference to the "Starve and Sink" strategy for ending a migraine, but it could apply to any number of things with respect to the Migraine Miracle plan. 

Why don't doctors know...

Jan 19, 2019

The first challenge of 2019 is a brand new one, "Breaking Rebound."

For the 2019 schedule of Beats-Slaying challenges, check out

Slay the Beast!

Jan 15, 2019

What happens when an indomitable spirit armed with the Migraine Miracle plan goes up against the Beast? 

(hint: it doesn't end well for the Beast)

Find out how Lori went from chronic migraine and "living on pills" to make it through the day, to zero meds in over 2 years. 



Lori's website: